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What Happens When Disaster Strikes?

For businesses and industries that rely wholeheartedly on a mains electricity network such as hospitals, sewage treatment plants and airports, a power outage can have a massive and detrimental effect on the reliability of how the processes and systems of that business work – regardless of whether it’s a short term or long term loss. So, how can you secure your business against fundamental damage?

The Use of UPS

The constant flow of electricity from a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is vital for businesses with computers and other electronic devices that might contain logic circuitry and are susceptible to data loss or hardware damage if there’s a power cut. This includes data networking equipment, alarm systems, video projectors and hospital operating machinery to name but a few. These systems also need to be protected against power surges (where the voltage increases momentarily), as this can be equally as damaging and therefore requires a surge protector or voltage stabiliser.

By using the back-up power from an automatic generator starting system, the generator will automatically start up when it senses that a load has been applied. The Powerguard LoadStart has been designed to operate in arduous conditions, whether that be industrial or domestic and is useful for even the smaller locations such as construction sites and small businesses. LoadStart is a convenient way of stopping and starting a generator and removing the need to manually carry out these tasks. What’s more, they are a cost-effective solution and will maximise your generator’s efficiency. So, whilst you will have the additional upfront costs to adapt to a cost-effective solution, the long-term financial benefits outweigh the costs.

Disaster Back-Up

According to Malwarebytes, over 50% of UK companies have been affected by hardware attacks, resulting in differing amounts of downtime. As a business lifeline, there are such places as workplace recovery centres that offer you that “office from office” location for your team and provide them with all the facilities needed including desks, computers, meeting rooms, parking and there’s even one with a helicopter pad! Your organisation could be made up of over 600 employees and you could be transported promptly to keep the continuity of business going following a network outage or hardware attack. These providers also need their own power back up systems so dual generator infrastructures are in place to provide peace of mind.

Lighting the Way Out

When the power goes down and you’re within a building that requires an emergency exit route, then a central battery system is a necessity for illuminating the exit and instruction signs to ensure everyone exits the building in a safe manner. You also need to enable telephone lines to be live to ensure calls out can be made or indeed the Wi-Fi within the building can be used.

Powerguard is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of central battery systems and from design to manufacture, we can build to an exact specification. The designs can offer single and three-phase input and output and provide a power rating of between 250VA and 100VA; offering a one or three hour backup time or as otherwise specified.

Full power to keep your business going

With a range of Powerguard systems to support a diverse range of networks using anywhere between 1kVA and 800kVA, and the ability to adapt the different systems with lighting, batteries and automatic processes then you have a greater chance of keeping your essential business ware up and running without data loss, power outage or the risk of damage from cyber hackers. As the saying goes “be prepared” – sectors such as banking, broadcasting, food & beverage, health & medical and building & construction are all at risk in one way, shape or form so having an essential back up to keep your business going should be a priority.

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