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Within our news and blog section we’ll provide you with company updates from Powerguard, along with industry insights, including news from the energy sector, manufacturing and much more.

A Retrofit for Existing Diesel Generators

Powerguard has introduced the most efficient and cost-effective retrofit solution for providing off-grid electrical power for twenty-four hours a ...

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Farmers Weekly Publish an Independent Review

Nick Fone from Farmers Weekly highlights the issues involved in getting remote buildings connected to the National Grid, and provides an ...

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Powerguard offers market leading Wind Turbine

Powerguard is pleased to offer customers a market-leading wind turbine system. The wind turbine has been tested in the most arduous of conditions ...

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Demand for Powerguard’s Silent Generators Grow

Powerguard has added to their range of SP Inverters. The SP Inverters are for fully off-grid or hybrid electrical power systems, where an ...

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New Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System

Powerguard has introduced a highly efficient and cost-effective Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system for off-grid applications. Using tried and ...

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Property in Spain Chooses a Powerguard Off-Grid Power System

The Powerguard PS System is installed within 2 days and gives cleaner power than the mains 230V supply. If anyone is thinking of building or ...

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