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Within our news and blog section we’ll provide you with company updates from Powerguard, along with industry insights, including news from the energy sector, manufacturing and much more.

How Will the Energy Sector Look After Covid-19 & Brexit?

The COVID-19 pandemic combined with the end of the Brexit transition period earlier this year left almost every business sector in the UK with ...

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How Do I Determine What Size Generator I Need?

If you live off-grid, or you’re considering options for your business premises, you must find the correctly sized generator to ensure that you’re ...

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The Future of Sustainable Air Travel

Sustainable air travel is a hot topic within the green community at the moment, and while some claim that a completely sustainable air travel ...

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How to Run a Diesel Generator Efficiently

No one wants to sink money into equipment more often than they really have to, particularly when living off-grid. This is precisely why it’s so ...

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We’ve Unveiled a Brand-New Website

We’re proud to unveil our brand-new website. After several months of designing and creating brand new content, we’re proud of the work that has ...

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What Impact Will the Brexit Deal Have on UK Electric Car Manufacturing?

UK-based car manufacturers will now have just three-years to obtain electric car batteries and the relevant components from local sources or ...

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