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What We Learnt from COP26

Six years ago, the Paris Agreement provided the structure for countries to lay out plans to tackle climate change – COP26 was the first decisive ...

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The UK Energy Crisis Explained

In the past few weeks, Britain’s energy sector has come under immense strain caused by a multitude of mitigating factors, impacting everything ...

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How to Physically Protect Your Data Centre

Over the past few decades, data has become a crucial component in the way we live in an increasingly digital age. Inevitably this has increased ...

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Are We Meeting Our Electric Vehicle Targets?

A “major transformation” is required if the UK is to achieve the ambitious targets set out for the uptake of electric vehicles, according to the ...

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How Will the Energy Sector Look After Covid-19 & Brexit?

The COVID-19 pandemic combined with the end of the Brexit transition period earlier this year left almost every business sector in the UK with ...

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How Do I Determine What Size Generator I Need?

If you live off-grid, or you’re considering options for your business premises, you must find the correctly sized generator to ensure that you’re ...

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