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How Does a Lighting Inverter Work?

At Powerguard, we are often asked questions in regards to emergency lighting. In this article, we’ll be discussing what a lighting inverter ...

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How Do Off-Grid Generators Work?

 An off-grid generator is an essential requirement in many scenarios – whether it’s needed at a construction site or an outdoor event, having a ...

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What is the Best Off-Grid Generator Battery System?

Choosing the right generator battery for off-grid use is essential to keep power in the case of any short circuits or power outages. These can ...

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What is a Static Inverter?

A static inverter is a device designed predominantly for use in emergency lighting systems. If the power goes down or there is a mains outage, a ...

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Introducing the Powerguard Grid-Boost

The Powerguard Grid-Boost system is a form of energy store installed between the mains supply and the load. It is designed to give the load, ...

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What is the Difference Between Central Battery System and a UPS?

There’s a growing demand in the industry for the installation of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) instead of a Central Battery Unit or static ...

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