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Is having an uninterruptible power supply a dream or reality?

Having an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has become more crucial than ever in recent times. A couple of decades ago most people’s ...

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The Applications and Advantages Of Off-Grid Power

Using off-grid power generators is a more viable option than ever before. As the global political machine continues to intensify its efforts to ...

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Discover Powerguard’s innovative power solutions

We’ve been incredibly busy over the last few months speaking with customers to find out what they think about us and our solutions. Why? To ...

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Can farms utilise renewable energy to become more efficient?

Due to the rural and isolated location of most farms, many already utilise a generator to provide electricity. However, with the heavy investment ...

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How Do Diesel Generators Work?

Diesel generators are often seen as purely a backup option, but modern design and components have made them more efficient and flexible than ever ...

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Latest Generation Kohler SDMO Gas Generators

Powerguard have shipped their latest order of the new generation Kohler SDMO gas powered standby generator. Building on the reputation of the RES ...

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