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Case Studies

High House Farm, Cumbria

Overview Our client Mark Freeman runs High House Farm in Cumbria in Northwest England. Mark originally took over the dairy farm from his uncle, ...

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Highlands Remote Farm

Overview Our client, Kate Elliot and her husband Robert have lived together off-grid in the Scottish Highlands for over 25 years. Robert was born ...

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Gally’s Farm

Overview Gally’s farm is a polo, livery and stud yard who required a full UPS system to make the whole farm off-grid. A constant supply of ...

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Otmoor Farm

Overview Having built a new house on the property, they realised the old generator was not going to provide them with enough power and so ...

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Case Study – Cotswold Farm Park

Overview Here we take a look at how Adam Henson and Duncan Andrew managed to reduce fuel and maintenance costs by 80%. Famous for their ...

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Case Study – Casa Moginar Spain

Overview In mid-2010, Paul Gawith, a property developer, found an incredibly picturesque location and decided to build the perfect Spanish ...

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