PC615N - UPS System

PC615N 0.6kVA to 2kVA line interactive UPS

The G-TEC PC615N is a line interactive UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), and offers complete power protection for sensitive electronic equipment. The powerful microprocessor design integrates all power stages as well as control and communication functions, which strongly enhances the functionality and reliability. 

The UPS detects and warns for abnormal input wiring status to prevent potential hazard. An overload alarm will sound for warning in the event of an overload situation and will shutdown the UPS. Also if an output short circuit occurs, then the UPS will automatically shutdown for protection.

The PC615N performs self-test either by manual or automatic control. Periodical self-test can enhance the reliability and also improve the battery quality before the next black out. A smart battery management has two stages to control the battery, and the “battery low” alarm will sound and shutdown the UPS automatically to prevent the battery from over-drain and extend the battery life. The optional communication software can easily be installed by the end user, and USB or RS232 are the available interfaces.

Technical Specification

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PC615N - UPS System

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PC615N - UPS System Product Information
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