Oceania 300kVA-700kVA

Since 1969 SDMO has developed and grown to become one of the largest generating manufacturers in the world. Advanced design techniques enable SDMO’ teams of qualified mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers to produce both the simple and the most complex equipment whilst ensuring the highest standards of quality. We are proud to be able to supply the SDMO range of reliable, efficient and robust generators.

SDMO Model
Oceania D330 1500rpm 300kVA 330kVA
Oceania D440 1500rpm 400kVA 440kVA
Oceania D550 1500rpm 500kVA 550kVA
Oceania D700 1500rpm 623.6kVA 686kVA


Product Summary

Technology: Diesel Gensets
Power Rating: Prime Power 300kVA to 700kVA
Voltage: 415VAC 50Hz

Backup time: Prime Power is available for an unlimited number of annual operating hours in variable load applications.

Technical Specification

For further information, see the Oceania 300kVA-700kVA download (Displayed on the right)

Oceania 300kVA-700kVA

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Oceania 300kVA-700kVA Product Information
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