Telecommunication Power Supply and Other Critical Applications

When it is necessary to site mains powered equipment in locations where it is difficult to connect to the electricity grid, a solution can be difficult and expensive. Sometimes it is economical to pay to have a grid connection installed, but this can be expensive. An alternative is to install a generator system which is a cheaper solution to install but the cost of providing fuel is also expensive, so the long term cost can be high.

Powerguard provide a solution that is reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly. The Powerguard solution is to have efficient generator control and make effective use of renewable energy from PV off grid solar and off grid wind  systems to reduce fuel consumption. In most cases installing a Powerguard system reduces the cost of providing power to a remote site for telecoms hubs and other critical applications. The costs are usually significantly lower than paying to be connected to the National Electricity Grid, even over the long term.

At the heart of the Powerguard off grid power solution is the PS System, which will operate with any auto-start generator to give a reliable and efficient solution for off grid applications. The PS System includes an inverter, charger and control system. To provide a complete system, batteries and a generator are then added. The system is also designed and built to monitor and integrate energy coming into the system from renewable sources. 

The PS System is an efficient generator control system in its own right, however if renewable energy is added there is an immediate tangible gain. This would be manifested in lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance. If renewable energy is added to the system the cost of generating electrical power off grid reduces, and with a reasonable investment the cost would be less than buying it from a grid connected source.

The Powerguard systems are fully integrated, fully automatic, reliable and efficient, and can be built into standard ISO containers to give many years of trouble free operation. 

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Telecommunication Power Supply and Other Critical Applications

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