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We’ve been incredibly busy over the last few months speaking with customers to find out what they think about us and our solutions. Why? To help give prospective clients an insight into how we work and demonstrate how powerful our energy solutions are.

So, what do our customers have to say?

We took a film crew down to Gally’s Farm – a polo, livery and stud yard – where we were installing a full Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS system) to provide a complete power solution, taking the farm off-grid. In this instance, a constant supply of electricity was needed to provide the animals with water pumped from the borehole. We supplied them with 30 solar panels and 48 batteries as part of the UPS system.

Here’s what the owners of the farm had to say:

View the full case study video here > 

In another instance, we revisited one of our long-standing customers at Otmoor Farm to discover their experiences since moving to our off-grid power system.

Otmoor Farm is in a remote area and they needed a solution to provide them with electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Having assessed their needs, it was clear they needed a larger generator than they previously had, along with a much larger battery. To ensure optimum efficiency and keep costs to a minimum we also installed a wind turbine as part of the solution.

As Terry Moore explains, “From seeing the advert and engaging with Powerguard, through to them visiting us to assess our needs, designing a solution and implementing it, the entire process took around two weeks. And, it’s been magic ever since. We get 24 hours of electricity each day! The support is fabulous and they’re very responsive. We have no complaints. All it costs us is around £20 a week, which is nothing compared to what we were paying.”

Read the full case study here >

If you want to find out more about the solutions we provide, check out some of our other case studies here and for more information, get in touch. Call us on 01507 600688.

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