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We’ve Unveiled a Brand-New Website

We’re proud to unveil our brand-new website. After several months of designing and creating brand new content, we’re proud of the work that has been done to modernise our web presence.

The website has been designed to better reflect our expertise in off-grid power, electric vehicle chargers, generators and much more.

At Powerguard we are well renowned throughout Europe for our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the energy and power industry, which is something we were really keen to showcase in the design and the content that we’ve added to the site.

Our company director Graham Chapman, who founded the business in 1999, had this to say, “Our old website served us well over many years, but we realise the importance of keeping things fresh and modern.”

Graham continued, “We’ve been in this industry for many years, and we wanted our website and branding to truly reflect our standing in the industry. We worked closely with the designers to make sure that we were able to create a balance between what we need as a business and what users are expecting to see online these days.”

The Design

You’ll notice that we’ve focused heavily on the branding aspect of the website, by ensuring a consistent typeface, stunning images and videos and a constant theme throughout, which perhaps wasn’t always the case with the old site.

We’ll continue to focus heavily on expanding our case studies and blog sections, and we’ve also spent a great deal of time creating brand new product content for our downloadable PDFs to ensure that everything is entirely up to date for our customers.

The Powerguard Approach

Our approach to renewable power supplies and systems is based on our ongoing commitment to deliver highly practical, cost-effective solutions that ensure many years of minimal maintenance and smooth operation.

We strive to ensure that we’re supplying the best and most economical solution to reflect the individual power needs of each of our customers.


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