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Diesel & Gas Generators

We supply a complete range of SDMO generator sets for a multitude of different applications, ranging from portable to residential to industrial. All of our generator sets benefit from international dealer network support.

This type of generator varies greatly depending on the requirements of the application, whether residential, industrial, or portable. Modern SDMO generators are more compact and can be insulated to reduce the noise they produce, which negates many of the old stereotypes associated with using a diesel or gas generator.

These generators will be configured to automatically start when the mains supply fails. They provide a high level of output efficiently and just when needed. Every SDMO generator we provide benefits from an international dealer support network and comprehensive warranties. Customers with varying requirements have either installed these as a standalone back-up solution or as part of a bigger system.

Designed to provide robust continuous operation whilst maintaining a compact form, with a range of reliable petrol engines.


Powerguard Solutions

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