Emergency Lighting Systems

Powerguard is the largest OEM manufacturer of Static InverterCentral Battery Systems and Emergency Lighting Systems in the UK. We supply both Static Inverter Systems and AC/DC and DC System from 100 Watts to 100 kWatts. The Static Inverter Systems can be single or three phase input/outputs. 

Our building blocks – chargers – inverters – changeover systems – static switches – are all designed and proven to give a very high performance with exceptional reliability and long life.

• Microprocessor controlled.
• Phase controlled rectifier for reliability, ease of use and scalability.
• Constant current/voltage charger.
• Slow charger walk in to eliminate high currents caused by overshoot.
• Temperature compensated float charge voltage.
• Sophisticated operation with battery life and reliability one of the main design objectives.
• Equalizes the voltage across the battery contactor before closing.
• Battery sensing mode when the charger stops charging every 4 hours for 20 seconds to check the battery connection.
• Low batteries disconnect using a magnetically latched contactor.
• Timed operation of the contactors to virtually eliminate arcing.
• Control of changeover contactor to eliminate chatter.
• Volt free change over contacts to signal BMS.
• Remote common alarm output.
• Two button operation for system shutdown.
• Sophisticated high-speed mains failure detection.
• Comprehensive monitoring and display.
• Audible alarm with manual reset.
• Duel independent power supplies with monitoring.
• System OK – green LED.
• Two-button operation for test, initiated from the front panel.
• Rugged and reliable inverter.
• Inverter is independent from the rest of the system.
• Inverter incorporates MustStart technology.
• PowerFlow ensures start up into any lighting load.
• Available single or three phases.
• Links 1 and 2 available for easy interface to lighting systems.
• Changeover contactor operation monitored by the control.
• Cooling fans have different supplies and have redundancy.
The machines use three 8/16-bit micro-controllers that monitor all of the system parameters and control the system to give high reliability and performance. Many years experience of the operation of emergency lighting systems, by the design team, has resulted in a sophisticated control that enhances the reliability of the system and in particular the electromechanical components. For example it does this by reducing wear and tear on the contactors by virtually eliminating arcing and on the faces by ensuring that they only function when required and during emergency operation.

During normal operation the incoming mains supply is fed through the systems to the automatic transfer-switching device (ATSD). The normally open contacts are closed during normal operation feeding the mains supply to the load. At the same time the mains supply is fed to the charger keeping the batteries in a fully charged state ready for emergency operation.

When the mains supply fails or goes out of specification the ATSD switched to its normally closed contacts. The inverter starts up and supplies the load using power from the battery. The inverter will power the load until the mains supply is restored or the battery becomes discharged.

When the mains supply is restored the ATSD transfers the load back again and the charger charges the battery.

A micro-controller monitors all of the parameters within the system and will directly drive 10 LED indicators and a re-settable audible alarm to indicate the system status.

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