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How Do Diesel Generators Work?

Diesel generators are often seen as purely a backup option, but modern design and components have made them more efficient and flexible than ever before. They are available in different forms to suit a variety of uses, including portable, industrial, and even residential applications. Despite this flexibility, many people still don’t understand how a diesel generator works or how useful they can potentially be.

How they work

diesel generator essentially converts one type of fuel into another. It uses a diesel engine to power the rotation of an alternator to generate electricity. The engine uses internal combustion, which means the fuel (diesel) is burnt inside the engine. The ignition of the fuel takes place inside a cylinder, which then drives a piston to turn the energy into movement.

The piston compresses air in the cylinder by up to 25 times. This makes the air extremely hot, usually at least 500 degrees Celsius. A fuel injector then sprays a fine mist of fuel into the hot compressed air. The air is so hot the fuel instantly ignites and pushes the piston back up. This process goes on in a continuous loop, consistently driving the piston up and down to produce the movement that is then used to drive the alternator and generate electricity.

Internal combustion is a very efficient way of generating energy, as the whole process happens in the cylinder, so there’s not much energy loss.

Types of generators

Generators are a more practical solution than ever before. They come in a wider range of designs and with specifications to suit a wider variety of applications.

Residential generators

Residential generators are available in either single-phase or three-phase. People often think a generator might be noisy and impractical, but modern residential generators are sound insulated and can be fuelled by natural gas or LPG. The design is compact and aesthetically pleasing. They are also environmentally friendly and benefit from an automatic start feature if there is a mains failure.

Portable generators

Our range of portable generators is durable, compact, and efficient. There is a wide variety of power output options to suit every need. They can be run on diesel, LPG, or mains gas. They come in a variety of sizes and power outputs, from a small portable unit, to slightly larger industrial generators.

Industrial generators

Industrial generators, both single and three-phase, are designed for more specialised applications. They pack some serious punch, providing ample power and performance for professionals.

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Water pumps

Diesel generators can also be used to power water pumps. We provide general and specialised water pump generators that are designed for high performance under extreme conditions.

Generator maintenance

Generators consist of many parts. As well as the diesel engine and alternator, there is also a fuel system, lubrication system, flywheel, exhaust and cooling system, voltage regulator, and a control panel.

Thankfully, modern generators rarely fail and need very little maintenance. If you purchase from a reputable dealer, like us, then you also get the added peace of mind knowing you have the complete support of an international network of dealers.

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