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Introducing the Powerguard Grid-Boost

The Powerguard Grid-Boost system is a form of energy store installed between the mains supply and the load. It is designed to give the load, which are normally electric vehicle fast chargers, access to supplemented power when a grid supply cannot provide enough power to cope with peak demand.

For instance, if there is a need for eight 50kW vehicle chargers with a total load of just under 500kVA and the mains are only able to provide 100kVA, the Powerguard Grid-Boost system would be able to step in and provide the remaining power requirements.

How Does the System Work?

The Grid-Boost system is compatible with most standard mains supply’s; however, the output can be customised to suit any load, from one to multiple chargers, and can supply power to any combination of high-powered electric vehicles such as 22kVA, 43kVA, 25kw, 50kW, 100kW and 150kW.

The system features a high capacity battery, two chargers and two high-power inverters. The power management system operates the control, and the information is available in real-time on the display.

If the required load is too high, the chargers are restricted until the incoming power catches up. Think of it as a large tank of water that is being filled from a pipe; this represents the incoming mains supply. Large buckets then remove water at regular interludes – this is power supplying the electric car chargers, the amount of which will depend on the how fast the water is entering the tank.

This system takes advantage of the fact that not all of the chargers will be used at the same time, all the time, and the chargers do not take full power all the time, because as the vehicle battery reaches full-charge, the power input gradually decreases to protect the battery.


This system is designed to be a complete off-grid power system, which is both reliable and incredibly efficient. We specialise in providing power in remote locations, to ensure that electric cars can still be charged in isolated areas where the available mains supply isn’t sufficient to charge the vehicle on its own.

To revisit the previous example of a typical location that only has access to a 100kVA mains supply, and a total load of up to 500kVA made up of eight 50kW chargers, our solution would be installed in two 20ft ISO containers.

However, the Grid-Boost can also be installed in buildings or in specially allocated areas in or outside the building itself.

About Powerguard

We have been operating in the industry for many years, installing and maintaining electrical power systems such as off-grid powercentral battery systems and CPS for emergency lighting and critical loads.

Our systems have been used in remote locations and critical applications such as hospitals, theatres, stadiums, Ministry of Defence locations, airports and other public premises.

At Powerguard, we believe wholeheartedly that we should do our very best to provide economical solutions that save money for the end-user and reduce pollution.

We design and manufacture all of our systems with the idea of achieving the following objectives:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce fuel use, and thereby pollution.
  • Design and manufacture equipment that reduces ongoing costs and increases system lifespan and generator efficiency, thereby reducing pollution caused by manufacturing replacements.
  • We size our battery packs, so they don’t regularly discharge more than 30%.

While we build our systems intending to achieve the above, we know that we must provide our customers with a practical, economical and long-term solution to their power requirements.

Therefore, if you’re interested in anything we’ve covered in this blog, or you’re looking for more information about any of our other products, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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