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Powerguard is a leader in the design and manufacture of static inverter systems used in energy saving applications. The key product families are PS Systems, Generator/Inverter Control Systems and Renewable Energy Products. 

We provide leading edge solutions and expect to work with our customers to provide expert and professional services. Our success is based on using technology to provide practical answers to power problems. We have many years of experience and the motivation to deliver products of optimum performance and quality that will solve problems for our customers.

Our approach to renewable power supplies and systems is based on these principles and will deliver practical cost effective solutions that will provide many years of trouble free operation. Our systems are design and manufactured to give our 25 years service with minimal maintenance.

The technical description is designed to give an in depth knowledge of how our Generator/Inverter Control System operates and the component parts used to make up the system. It will also give an insight into the aims of our design team and how the system can dramatically reduce the burning of fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gases and pollution. In most cases fuel use, generator running time and maintenance is reduced by minimum of two thirds.

We know that our customers want to have off-grid electricity on tap 24 hours per day seven days a week (24/7) just the same as those of who are connected to the national grid. The only way to guarantee the availability of power 24/7 in a cost effective way is to have an engine driven generator. Our philosophy is to accept that as fact and then device systems which reduce the need for the generator to start to an absolute minimum. In a typical PS System without renewable power the generator runs for less than one third of the time.

If you are already generating your own power then the first and most significant step to dramatically increase efficiency is to install a Power PS System.

The next step is to consider CHP systems (Combined Head and Power) and renewable energy sources such as wind or solar.

Products and Services

Powerguard supply a full wide range of power equipment and services including: -

We provide a complete service so you'll be covered fully by experts who know what they are doing.

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