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New Mains Standby System with 25 year warranty

Powerguard’s MS Mains Standby System comes complete with an expected 25 years’ service life and batteries that are expected to last 10 years with minimal service requirements. MS Mains Standby Systems are designed to automatically provide 230V AC electrical power when the utility mains supply fails offering a greener alternative to diesel powered standby power. The MS System is designed to be over 98% efficient with a typical 10kW system consuming only 128W during normal operation. Designed to recharge a fully discharged battery to over 80% of full capacity within 12 hours, the MS System can be located almost anywhere due to its silent operation, small space requirements, hands-off operation, and long operating life. MS Systems are available with Power ratings from 100VA to 30kVA single phase and 3kVA to 100kVA three-phase.

A Microprocessor control system is incorporated which switches on the emergency power supply as and when required providing any facilities and/or equipment with reliable mains quality power at 230V AC. On return of the mains power supply, the system will reconnect the mains feed and recharge.

MS Systems are designed using the same components as the market-leading Powerguard emergency lighting system which has proven to be rugged and reliable over many years in mission-critical applications.

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