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Off-grid electricity Vs the national grid

The 24/7 power from the national grid is fairly reliable, but they always tend to be a power outage just when the work you are doing is vital or the process your machines are going through can’t afford to be interrupted. So, how can you have a 100% guarantee that the power will never go down? By using off-grid, or hybrid solutions with our UPS system (uninterrupted power supply). That’s how.


If you require power and want to wait for the national grid to install the relevant connections, you may well be waiting a while. With off-grid power systems, the solution is much easier and faster to implement. We’ll meet you and give you a free evaluation of what you need for your business and once you have got all the right things in place and given the sign-off, we can set to work within a matter of days and weeks – Not months.

Depending on how your power is going to be sourced and how much machinery is involved, it is true that the initial outlay could be seen as more expensive. BUT, the monthly running costs are less and the cost-saving you will benefit from by getting everything set up in a quicker turnaround will mean you are not spending more money in the waiting period that the national grid will give to you. One of our customers who lives on a remote farm, Terry Moore, explained, “From engaging with Powerguard, through to them visiting us to assess our needs, designing a solution and implementing it, the entire process took around two weeks. And, it’s been magic ever since. We get 24 hours of electricity each day!

Distance is no object

For those living in remote areas, the distance between your nearest contact point for electricity on the national grid can sometimes be miles and not meters, and as the customer, you will be paying for all of the work and materials required to get everything hooked up. Imagine all that disruption of trenches being dug, poles being erected, cabling being laid and the setup of boxes. Our process is seamless in comparison and incredibly time-efficient. In one scenario, a client needed 690 metres of cabling running from their barn with solar panels to provide a constant supply of electricity on their polo, livery and stud yard to give the animals the water they needed and pumped from their borehole. Our full UPS system made the whole farm off-grid.

Going green

If you live in an isolated area that has no access to a mains electricity supply, our renewable energy generation system is the ideal solution. Whether you choose to live off-grid for a greener and cheaper means of living, using wind, water or solar power to generate renewable power is as good as mains electricity, if not better. Our off-grid electricity generator is tested and supplied to meet all your demands and what’s more, we utilise innovative technology to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Solar power is particularly popular with those that have large roof areas like barns and commercial sheds, where the panels can be fitted to the surface of the roof and then the batteries and generator system fitted inside. Your power source is on-site and running 24/7 and completely managed by you with its automated system.

UPS is a USP

We offer various UPS systems to protect a wide range of critical information, communication, emergency and medical systems. By installing a UPS as a stand-alone system for short-run times or combined with a standard generator for a much greater duration of backup power, you can be confident that your business will continue to function throughout any type of power disruption. Whether there’s a long-term power outage or small-scale degradation, we’ve got you covered.

Power sources like these are critical for businesses offering workplace recovery systems because if a company’s system goes down, for whatever reason, it is vital they can be up and running again within a matter of hours. In scenarios like this, an off-grid system which is totally self-sufficient is a lifeline. Using Powerguard will ensure you are provided with all the mechanics to create a UPS and this is one of their USPs that could also be a USP for your disaster recovery business.

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