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Powerguard offers market leading Wind Turbine

Powerguard is pleased to offer customers a market-leading wind turbine system. The wind turbine has been tested in the most arduous of conditions in the highlands of Scotland and has been designed with a unique permanent magnet generator and a Hi-Spec blade set. The high system efficiency means that it produces power even when there is little wind. When the wind reaches 12.5m/s, the generator can provide 1000W (1kW) of useful electrical power, making it one of the most efficient turbines of its class.

The wind turbine comes with many features providing tangible benefits including a mechanical furling tail fin for high wind protection, a permanent magnet generator that reduces losses and increases unit reliability, a top-grade reinforced nylon blade set for protection against bird strikes, sealed bearings for longer life in all weathers, and a rugged yet simple mechanical design with minimal working parts for high reliability. The wind turbine system including the easy-to-assemble tower also comes with exposed parts that are zinc-plated, stainless steel parts that are powdered-coated and a fully anodised aluminium tower. These safeguards ensure optimal corrosion and weather resistance.

For users of Powerguard’s market-leading off-grid electricity generation unit (PS System/PS CHP System), the 1kW wind turbine can be connected to the PS System to charge the battery bank meaning your off-grid diesel generator uses even less fuel. This wind turbine is available in 12V, 24V, and 48V DC versions with a nominal power output of 1000 Watts.

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