Powerguard PS System - Add one to your home generator and save up to 70% of your running costs

If you rely on an engine driven generator for your electricity supply,  you would benefit from a Powerguard PS System to store and manage your power.


Using a generator to power your property means you either have to leave it running most of the time or manually start it as and when required. The first uses more fuel and increases maintenance costs and the second is very inconvenient.


Powerguard PS Systems automatically manage your auto-start generator power supply to make electricity available 24/7 at the same time reducing the need for the generator to run. The PS System uses the surplus power from the generator (which normally goes to waste) to charge its battery bank. It then uses the stored DC power in the battery bank to automatically run the inverter to provide pure sine wave AC power when the generator is not running.
This reduced need to run the generator provides considerable cost savings in fuel and maintenance.
On a typical mixed load application such as a domestic property where the generator runs all day, the PS System will provide electricity 24/7 with the generator running less than 30% of the day thereby reducing the fuel and maintenance costs dramatically.
If any heavy load is switched on which is greater than the inverter can supply , the PS System will start the generator until the load is switched off.
The Powerguard PS System can control any suitably sized auto-start generator.
Additionally, we can supply and install a cost effective Futurenergy Wind Turbine. The PS System will manage the power from this turbine by using the power to charge the batteries. This will further reduce the need to run the generator.  
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Technical Specification

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