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SDMO’s portable Diesel generator range provides durable and high efficiency power output, with longer continuous running times than their petrol counterparts.

ModelFuel TypePower Output
SD6000EDiesel6.5kVA Single Phase
SD6000TEDiesel6.5kVA Three Phase

Powerguard Solutions

Off-Grid System Replacement in Northamptonshire

Overview We were very pleased to meet the Llamas at this Llama school and trekking farm in the idyllic county of Northamptonshire. We were ...

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Off-Grid System Installation in Morpeth, Northumbria

Overview  Earlier this year we were approached by a farmer that was building three brand new properties on his estate for his farm workers.   He ...

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Thimbleby Farm, Lincolnshire

Overview   We were approached by a family who owned a farm estate who were fed up with rising electricity costs within the business. The ...

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