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Guardian SH

GuardianSH Data Centre solution

The modern Data Centre needs considerable electrical power not only to power the numerous servers, but also to power the complex cooling systems. The infrastructure has become increasingly more important and expensive, and any designer is under the obligation to optimise space and power consumption.

The brand new GuardianSH range is a modular system that can be built in different configurations, depending on the requirements of the Data Center. From sole cabinets to the complete modular system, designed to satisfy the most powerful computers in existence.

The GuardianSH is an air-conditioned cabinet: inside which can be located the server and its accessories (such as hubs, network switches etc) and the redundant modular UPS systems along with their sealed batteries. The air conditioning system automatically regulates both the temperature inside the cabinet and the energy consumption.

GuardianSH is the perfect solution for all small and medium-sized Data Centres. Its special feature is the possibility to be adapted to the Data Center power and dimensions. Moreover it can grow with the Data Center starting from a basic standard configuration, optimising in this way the investment costs to the real needs.

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