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Mains Standby System

Provides high quality 230V AC Mains

The Powerguard MS System provides a low distortion 230VAC 50Hz sine-wave, which in many cases is of better quality than the utility mains supply. This allows you to continue to use all your mains electrical equipment during power cuts. The length of time that electrical supply can be provided depends on the amount of battery power chosen by the customer.

Simple & Reliable Components

The MS System incorporates a charger, inverter, battery pack and Powerguard control system. The charger is designed to allow a rapid recharge of the batteries, with a fully discharged battery being charged to over 80% capacity within 12 hours. The inverter converts the power from the battery pack into 230V AC mains, and the control system continuously monitors the mains power supply poised for activation.

Silent & Efficient Operation

The MS System is designed to be over 98% efficient with a typical 10kW system consuming only 128W during normal operation. The MS System can be located almost anywhere due to its silent operation, small space requirements, hands-off operation, and long operating life. MS Systems are available with power ratings from 100VA to 30kVA single phase and 3kVA to 100kVA three phase.

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