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Powerguard Battery Charger

Powerguard Battery Chargers offer a total charging system and are designed to ensure the maximum reliability and longest possible lifespan from the battery. Our chargers are very reliable and will give long and trouble free service with the minimum maintenance required. Thyristors are used to control the charge rate, and is the preferred method for the following reasons:

Reliability: This type of charger has proven to be very rugged.

Scalability: The design allows chargers to be built to suit many different applications quickly and economically.

Cost: It is a very economical way to produce relatively small quantities of special chargers.

The chargers can be specified with multiple individually controlled outputs for keeping emergency vehicle batteries fully charged.

Product Summary

Technology: Thyristor controlled charging

Power Rating: Up to 600A

Voltage: Output can be specified between 2VDC and 600VDC


  • Powerguard advanced design enhances the life of your batteries.
  • Proven long service life.
  • Suitable for VRLA, Wet Cell LA, Nickel Cadmium and Traction Batteries.

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