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Solar off-grid system: Introducing the Renewable Energy Control (REC) system

The REC system is the complete renewable energy solution for those interested in generating their own power independent from the grid. Eliminate the need for fuel to power your off-grid system, Powerguard’s new design ensures that the maximum amount of energy is utilised from renewable energy sources including solar and wind.

Please refer to our graphical image (pictured right) identifying the main components of the REC system. Emphasis is placed on operating this system with renewable energy sources only however, systems can be supplied that will work with a mains connection or a standby generator if the customer desires.

Complete power generation from renewables in any location

Countries with a greater number of daylight hours such as Spain can integrate the REC system for residential and commercial use and PV solar will provide all the energy required.

In countries further north or south of the equator, it is difficult to retain a sufficient amount of energy from PV solar during winter months. In such cases, the power available from wind is higher so addition of a wind turbine to the REC system will normally compensate making the system more practical.

Powerguard are here to offer a full service from design to supply of the complete power system according to the available power from sun or wind in any location.

What is unique about the REC system?

The novelty of the system lies within the charge control system. Premature battery failure is common with renewable energy systems. Most often, this is because the system has not controlled the charge/ discharge of the battery effectively or not provided the user with enough information.

Powerguard have developed a charge control system to micro manage power in to and out of the battery. Research, development, design and manufacture is all completed in house, thus we are confident that this system is unique and market leading compared to existing renewable energy systems.

Why invest in the REC system?

Benefit from:

  • Complete elimination of diesel fuel and release of carbon emissions. Our REC system uses 100% renewable energy
  • All facilities being fitted as standard, making installation straightforward
  • User-friendly set-up. The front fascia panel is designed to be as informative as possible to enable the customer to use the system most efficiently.
  • The system’s power output is a mimic of mains electricity and will power any mains appliance within its rating
  • The system is manufactured to be robust and reliable with a long service life
  • Careful design ensures that necessary servicing or repair of the system is straightforward

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