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RESA14TEC 13kVA Three Phase

Quiet and Environmentally Friendly
The Residential Power Generators run off LPG or natural gas, and are quiet and environmentally friendly with low emissions. They are compact and specifically sound insulated for use as home standby generators, and benefit from being simple to set up, with permanent outside installation possible.

Automatic Operation
The generator will start up automatically in the event of a power failure, ensuring that life in the home can continue as normal. Refrigerators and freezers will keep running, heating, entertainment and alarms systems will still operate and those working from home will be able to continue as normal. We recommend the use of an Uninterruptable Power Supply for the protection of computer equipment and to safeguard data.

Simple Operating Principle
In the event of a power failure, the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) detects the presence of the mains and selects the electric power source (mains or generator). If there is a utility mains power failure, the ATS starts the generator set and switches the power source to restore the electrical supply within a few seconds. When the mains electricity supply returns to normal, the ATS switches back to the mains, turns off the generator and continues to monitor the mains supply.

These SDMO generator sets are also programmed to carry out automatic weekly maintenance self-tests to ensure that they are in working order and able to generate electricity should there be a power cut.

Product Summary
Technology: Mains Gas or LPG fuelled generators
Engine: Kohler CH740
Power Rating: 12kVA (fuelled by mains gas) / 13kVA (fuelled by LPG)
Voltage: 415VAC @ 50HZ


  • Compact size: Length 1216mm x Width 665mm x Height 975mm. Weight 191Kg.
  • LPG is commonly used for cooking and heating so may be convenient.
  • No unpleasant emissions.
  • Runs much cleaner than a diesel-powered generator.
  • Mains Gas: A reliable, continuous supply of natural gas eliminates the need for refueling.
  • No need for an expensive double-walled diesel fuel tank.
  • No fuel maintenance required
  • No risk of environmental liability from fuel spills.

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