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TP130 – UPS System

TP130 1.1kVA to 3kVA Line Interactive UPS

The G-TEC TP130 is a full featured rack and tower UPS designed to protect your critical equipment. Its efficient line interactive design, with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) offers a pure sinewave output from 1.1kVA to 3kVA. The TP130 can be applied to a standard 19” rack, and the 2U height design facilitates your whole system planning and installation.

The powerful microprocessor design integrates all power stages as well as control and communication functions, which strongly enhances the functionality and reliability. The AVR system automatically corrects both under and over voltage conditions without unnecessary battery drain and extends the lifetime of the battery.

All units are equipped with a user friendly LCD display that clearly communicates all major system parameters and system status including load level, remaining battery time, AVR-Boost/Buck and fault status for easy service. The overload alarm will sound to warn of an overload situation and will shutdown the UPS. In the event of an output short circuit, the UPS automatically shuts itself down for protection.

Advanced battery management prevents deep-discharge of the built-in battery during a power failure when the connected loads are at a minimum. An easy swappable battery function allows user replacement of the battery without the need for service technicians. The communication software can easily be installed by the end user, with USB or RS232 available as interfaces. The communication software controls the UPS and automatic shutdown when the Utility fails, allows remote test of the major operating functions via SNMP/web/network adapter access, and also offers user SMS status notifications.

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