Renewable Energy Systems - Off Grid Wind and Solar

Renewable Energy has been growing rapidly in use and popularity over the last decade. With the threats of global warning, lowering fossil fuel reserves and rising costs of non-renewable sources. More and more are converting their energy into renewable sources and are seeing the advantages of doing so.

With large pushes from governments and nations to lower their green house gas output and to reduce their carbon footprint. Wind energy grows annually by around 30% with more commercial and private investment into renewable energy that is set to increase.

Here at Powerguard we offer researched and developed systems that supply off grid electrical power, which is clean, cost effective and efficient. Our Futurenergy Wind Turbines are a great source of off grid wind energy. Designed and developed over two years the turbines use a unique permanent magnet generator and specially designed Hi-spec blades.

Combined with our specially designed PS System the off grid wind systems could offer a superior source of power. Our trained and experienced staff can help you find what is best for your location and work to develop the most effective use of energy sources.

We offer not only wind but also static inverter, solar PV inverter and off grid solar energy supplies. A combination of both wind and solar power sources would see over time cost returned, a better carbon friendly footprint and a steady supply of energy. Don’t waste any more time or get stuck in the past, think about upgrading your systems to renewable sources today and help bring a better, brighter future.


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