Automatic Phase Correction

SmartPhase is a fully automatic phase changer for use when an external power supply is to be used that may have a different phase rotation to the internal supply. For example, ocean going ships require a constant power source even when in port. Emergency equipment, refrigeration, cooling, heating, lighting and other equipment can be powered from an on-shore electrical source at a berth, allowing on-board engines to be shut down.

If the shore-power has a phase rotation that is different to the on-board generator and it is connected without checking then there will be a problem with equipment not operating correctly with a chance of causing a serious problem. The solution is to rewire the shore-power so that the phase rotation is the same as the on-board generator. This can be inconvenient, difficult and sometimes a hazardous operation.

SmartPhase automatically connects the shore-power to the boat correctly every time.

Key features include:

  • Automatically corrects the phase rotation and connects the shore-power.
  • Rugged, reliable and efficient giving a long service life with minimal maintenance.
  • The control stores the phase rotation of the on-board generator so it does not have to be running to connect the shore-power correctly.
  • The connection is made using carefully controlled AC3-rated contactors.
  • If the shore-power fails SmartPhase will disconnect and when it is reinstated and is stable for a preset period it will correct the phase rotation and reconnect.
  • Steel enclosure, IP66 ingress protection.
  • Colour RAL7035

Technical Specification

For further information, see the Automatic Phase Correction download (Displayed on the right)

Automatic Phase Correction

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Automatic Phase Correction Product Information
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