Static Inverter Emergency Lighting

The Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Standby Power Systems, static inverter emergency lighting, and intelligent static transfer modules are state of the art using the latest technology. They are microprocessor controlled with sophisticated software to enhance the reliability and performance.

We aim to make systems that are different. We manufacture the Standby Systems, Static Inverter Transfer Modules, Inverters and Central Battery System / Chargers entirely in the UK. This is rare nowadays but it is important to achieve the quality engineering and technical support that is essential to the service we believe we should give to our customers.

When you contact Powerguard you will find us very helpful with an unbeatable in depth technical knowledge about our products that is entirely at your disposal both before and after your order. We usually know what we are talking about and can probably help you.

If required we can carry out site surveys followed by a project plan and quotation to solve your power problems in the most effective and economical way possible. We can arrange the supply, positioning, installation and commissioning of the equipment, followed by the most cost effective after sales maintenance agreements in the industry, giving total project management to solve your power problems.

We are dedicated to giving our customers the most appropriate and cost effective power solution possible with reliability and long life in primary design objective.

Mode of Operation

The machines use three 8/16-bit micro-controllers that monitor all the system parameters and control the system to give high reliability and performance. Many years experience in operation of static inverter emergency lighting systems, by the design team, has resulted in a sophisticated control that enhances the reliability of the system and in particular the electric mechanical components. For example it does this by reducing wear and tear on the contractors by virtually eliminating arcing and on the fans by ensuring that they only function when required and during emergency operation.
Powerguard Static Inverter Emergency Lighting Chart
The above sketch shows a typical static inverter emergency lighting central battery system operating in changeover mode.

During normal operation the incoming mains supply is fed through the system to the automatic transfer-switching device (ATSD). The normally open contacts are closed during normal operation feeding the mains supply to the load. At the same time the mains supply is fed to the charger keeping the batteries in a fully charged state ready for emergency operation, such as in emergency lighting.

When the mains supply fails or goes out of specification the ATSD switches to its normally closed contacts. The inverter starts up and supplies the load using power from the battery. The static inverter will power the load until the mains supply is restored or the battery becomes discharged.

When the mains supply is restored the ATSD transfers the load back again and the charger charges the battery.

A micro-controller monitors all of the parameters within the system and will directly drive 10 LED indicators and a re-settable audible alarm, to indicate the system status.


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