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A Retrofit for Existing Diesel Generators

Powerguard has introduced the most efficient and cost-effective retrofit solution for providing off-grid electrical power for twenty-four hours a day three hundred and sixty-five days a year. The PS System is able to control any auto-start generator enabling fuel consumption to be slashed by two thirds, generator service by two-thirds, and generator life to increase by three times.

The PS System is also built with the most efficient charge and control system available. When the electrical power requirement is low, the PS system provides power stored in its battery bank via an inverter and thus turns off the generator. When the load is high, the generator is turned on with excess energy not used to power the load being diverted to recharge the battery bank for use in low load periods. Including an intelligent Microprocessor control system, inverter, battery charger, and battery bank, the PS System is integrated into a simple retrofit package.

The PS System is also enabled to take power inputs from renewable sources including wind turbines and photovoltaic (solar) panels. The microprocessor will control the inputs from these multiple sources in a way that minimizes the use of the generator and vastly increases overall efficiency. On completion of the installation, the system is expected to reduce the generator run-time by more than two thirds.

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