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The Six Main Sources of Renewable Energy

On a basic level a renewable energy source is that which is sustainable, which means it cannot run out, or is an endless source of energy, such ...

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Wind Generated Electricity Reaches Record Amount

Latest reports from the National Grid shows that the UK produced a record amount of wind-generated electricity during 2022. The UK produced more ...

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Work Begins on Underground Hydrogen Store

UK energy company SSE have begun developing an underground hydrogen store in East Yorkshire in which to stockpile hydrogen.  Hydrogen is a ...

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What Can We Expect from the Energy Market in 2023?

The energy bill freeze is set to conclude in April 2023, but the big question is, will we see a drop in our energy bills in 2023? We’re living ...

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How to Clean Solar Panels

  Investing in a off-grid power solution is a big investment, and while these systems are usually designed to run with minimal maintenance, ...

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2021 Renewable Energy Review

Renewable energy grew at record pace in 2021, says a new report compiled by the International Energy Agency (IEA). While this is, of course, ...

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