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Central Battery Systems for Emergency Lighting

At Powerguard, we are expert and bespoke manufacturers of Central Battery Systems for Emergency Lighting.

We build by hand in our factory here in Lincolnshire and have over 50 years’ experience in the specifying, designing, building and installing of Emergency Lighting Systems.

As we manufacture in house, we are able to tailor our systems to the exact specifications required by our clients.

What Does Central Battery System & Emergency Lighting Do?

Emergency lighting is a backup lighting solution that powers up in the event that mains power supply is unable to function correctly in an emergency, such as a fire or power cut.

The battery system or static inverter will activate the emergency exit signs and other illumination fixtures, to ensure that areas such as prisons, hospitals and public areas like cinemas and offices can be evacuated safely.

Emergency lighting solutions must operate seamlessly to ensure there is an automatic lighting source to help those within the building exit the premises safely and securely.

The idea of a central battery system for emergency lighting is that the backup power source runs centrally, which means that each emergency illuminance and exit light don’t require an individual battery or back up capacitor.

Why Choose Powerguard?

Due to our years of experience and knowledge in the industry, we offer in-depth technical expertise, design, and installation advice with full after sales support when it comes to static inverters, central battery systems and emergency lighting. 

There are many benefits to choosing us:

  • We are usually a more cost-effective solution.
  • We have a far wider range of machines that we can build to exactly match the power requirement of the premises, so that money is not wasted on an oversized or incorrectly specified machine.
  • We build machines to specifications that no one else can.
  • We can build the machine and batteries into various size cabinets or racking to fit existing spaces where machines are being decommissioned, or in new premises where space is tight.
  • We can repair and maintain with complete ease as we build the machine from top to bottom.
  • We also install and offer a turn-key solution on any project.
  • We program the machines in house, allowing us to assist you remotely should an error occur.

Many of our competitors in the industry that supply Central Battery Systems will often use our services to build some of the systems they sell due to our specialist skills and experience.

By coming to us direct you can purchase from us, the manufacturer, have more control over the process, and save third-party costs too.

We have systems operating in hospitals, power stations, railways, shopping centres, leisure centres, and cinemas from some of Europe’s biggest companies.

We offer a turnkey solution from design, quotation, build, and with the option of full install and commissioning, or supply only.

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We offer a full nationwide range of services for all existing Central Battery Systems for Emergency Lighting, no matter whether we were involved in the original installation or not. 

We offer:

  • Annual 3-hour discharge Testing. 
  • Service and maintenance visits or contracts.
  • Repairs, parts replacement, battery replacement and full machine replacements.

The British Standard clearly states that the responsible person for the building construction and its ongoing maintenance must work under the BS 5266-1 regulation, which applies to many different commercial/public environments such as hospitals, hotels, educational settings, nursing homes, pubs, bars and clubs, offices, prisons, museums, and the domestic applications in multi-storey dwellings such as blocks of flats.

BS EN 50172/BS 5266-8 stipulates minimum provisions for testing central battery and emergency lighting systems:

  • Any discharge tests must be undertaken outside social hours in buildings that are always occupied, such as hospitals, for example. These tests should be staggered, so only alternate circuits are tested.
  • In commercial settings, the owner of the premises must employ a competent professional to oversee any testing and maintenance of the systems.
  • Due to the possibility of mains lighting failure, all tests must, where possible, be undertaken outside of typical high-risk periods to allow a period of complete recharge, otherwise a temporary measure should be employed after professional advice is sought.

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