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Inverters & Inverter Systems

Our market leading inverters can be tailored for any requirements and are suitable for three phase and single power outputs. They silently convert AC to DC for a variety of applications, from a wedding reception disco in a marquee to the complex lighting requirements of a full-scale concert.

The lack of noise and fumes also make them ideal for use with some off-grid residential applications. We can even supply special inverters designed to fit any vehicle and provide electric, whether at the side of a road in the middle of nowhere or on a construction site.

The flexibility and reliability of our inverter systems means the list of applications is already long… and continually growing.

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Vehicle Power Inverter

Vehicle power Inverters are designed to be fitted in a wide range of vehicles and provide the perfect solution to the need for electrical power in loc...

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Silent Power Inverter

Our silent power Inverter system is the perfect solution for providing off-grid electrical power when an engine-driven generator is unsuitable e.g. be...

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Stand Alone Inverter

Our state of the art inverter systems, custom-built to your specifications, are perfect for providing filtered, stabilized and regulated power virtual...

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Mains Standby System

Offering a greener alternative to diesel-powered standby systems, our mains standby systems are designed to be reliable, compact, easy to use and main...

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