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Grid-Backed Hybrid System with Renewable Energy

Our Grid-backed Hybrid System uses the same technology that operates our fully off-grid systems, but with one crucial difference: it is designed to work with a location that already has a mains supply of electricity from the grid.

This is why this system is ideally suited for residential properties, farms, business, caravan parks, holiday lets and any commercial premises that have high electricity consumption usage.

We use industrial size battery banks and large solar arrays, meaning that we are able to capture and use enough energy to power a location, without sending solar generated electricity that we want to use later back to the grid.

What is a Grid-Backed Hybrid System with Renewable Energy?

The Hybrid-System uses the mains grid connection as a back-up supply only, this can either replace or supplement the generator aspect of a fully off-grid system.  

It is designed to drastically reduce energy bills using our innovative PS System alongside solar, and battery storage. This means we are able to create a mini-grid that can manage the power requirement at any location and cut mains grid reliance to an absolute minimum.

Due to the rising cost of living and exorbitant fuel costs, even those already connected to the grid are now opting to enjoy the security and benefits of a hybrid-grid system for their homes and businesses too.

How Does a Grid-Backed Hybrid System with Renewable Energy Work?

An off-grid system is constructed of three main components:

All of the PS controllers in our systems are custom-built and act as the brains of the system, ensuring that the solar panels and batteries are used in the most efficient and optimal way to reduce mains grid usage and therefore reduce energy costs.

This is to ensure that the system is minimising the mains supply requirement, by utilising the battery bank as the main source of power, which in turn is supplied by the solar setup.

There’s also the option of adding a generator which will give further backup protection in the event of power outages.

Why Are Grid-Backed Hybrid Systems Different?

All other products on the market are set up in a very different way, they are all ‘Grid-Tied’ which means they use smaller batteries, less solar and the excess solar energy your system produces is then fed back into the Grid. 

This often means that you are selling a large amount of the energy your solar produces back to the grid at pennies and then buying it back at full price at a different time when solar and batteries are not producing.

Our system is separate from the Grid, and we do not feed back into it, therefore we can maximise solar and battery size to meet all energy requirements.

Why Choose PowerGuard?

We’ve been in the market for more than five decades, and we’ve built up a reputation of expertise and reliability when it comes to off-grid.

We ensure that every system we install is customised and finely tuned to ensure that reliable and clean energy is produced for every property we work on. All of our systems are bespoke and built in our facility, and fully programmed by our team of experts.

If you have any questions or you’d like to discuss your requirements further with our team for a free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It can be quite daunting if you’re not familiar with the elements of a renewable system, which is why we keep things simple. We tailor each system to your needs and we’ll do all the calculations too.

All you need to do is answer some simple questions around what sort of power requirements you have, so we can build up a clear picture of the site and what power you’ll need, whilst also factoring in any future needs too.

We can then suggest the system that will be right for your power needs, so we can put together an accurate quote.

Get in touch

The space you need will all depend on the amount of power you need from the system. The bigger the requirement, the larger the component elements will be.

These can range from as small as 3 x 3 metres, up to 20 x 10 ft, depending on the power requirements and the site itself.

You can always contact us to find out more and we’ll be happy to help.

We can provide quotes for a full installation service for both the system and solar panels.

Alternatively, you can install the system yourself, or with the help of an electrician. In this case, we offer full remote assistance free of charge to ensure the install goes to plan.

We can arrange site visits to your location to assess the project in person. In some cases, we’d recommend this to ensure we have a full understanding of more complex projects.

We install systems the length and breadth of the UK, but we’ve also worked in Spain, Malta, France and as far as South Africa.

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