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Renewable Energy

A combination of technological progression, increased awareness about climate change, and increasing energy costs have helped to make renewable energy a viable alternative for a far greater number of people. Whether opting for solar panels or a wind turbine, or a combination of both, most homes in the UK can become more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run. A bank of batteries stores electricity, and our smart systems will learn how much power you’re going to need at different times and make sure you always have what you need available.

Off-grid solutions in the UK normally have a generator to act as a back-up. It automatically kicks in when required, minimising the amount of runtime and fuel used.

SunGT is a high-efficiency solar PV inverter range for grid connection, and gives excellent technical performance.


Suitable for battery charging, water/air heating and grid-tie installations, this rugged upwind turbine offers useful power even at low wind speeds...

Powerguard Solutions

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