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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

We are experts with 50 years’ experience in designing, building, installing and maintaining uninterruptible power supply systems.

We provide bespoke UPS systems that operate within life critical and commercial power situations that require an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

These include NHS operating theatres, communication rooms, data rooms, as well as providing uninterrupted power for emergency smoke vents, sprinkler systems and emergency lifts.

Why Do You Need an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Power loss can be absolutely devastating, and in some cases it can spell the difference between life and death.

Organisations in almost every industry are completely dependent on electricity to keep their operations running smoothly. Whether that’s for items such as computers and telephones in offices, or in emergency scenarios where human life may be at stake, with the likes of medical equipment and sprinkler systems.

Any unanticipated downtime in the electricity supply can lead to costly disruptions in operations, which could be absolutely disastrous. An uninterruptible power supply is designed to safeguard against these occurrences.

Uninterruptible power supplies are devices which offer instant battery protection for emergency power loss situations by offering emergency backup power to allow emergency procedures to take place, such as turning on backup generators or shutting down computers correctly to prevent data corruption.

UPS’ are typically installed to provide temporary power to computers, server rooms, data centres, emergency systems, smoke vents and sprinklers and other vital equipment in the event of an energy failure, power surge or unexpected shutdown.

Why Choose Powerguard for UPS Systems?

We can tailor a UPS system to protect your critical information, keep your channels of communication up and running, or ensure critical medical systems never lose power.

Our UPS systems can be configured for short outages or long power cuts. Whether you’re a medical organisation or a business with critical systems, our UPS solutions will give you complete peace of mind regardless of the type of power disruption.

We are accredited by Achillies, have attained ISO 9001 – 2015 and ISO 14001 – 2015, members of the BSI and all our products are compliant with British and European Standards.

We are also the trusted partner and sole UK importer of G-Tec UPS and CPS systems, including:

Usually a building will have a plant room containing other equipment essential to the day-to-day operations of the building.  

A battery UPS can be situated there or in any room with adequate space. If you’re using a generator as a backup, there is far more to consider due to exhaust fumes.  

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The most efficient and easiest method is to use batteries to back up the UPS.  

They can be installed within the property with ease and require far less maintenance, and do not require a fuel tank, fuel supply and exhaust venting.  

A generator is a more affordable option and can give power for longer should this be a requirement.

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While UPS’ and central battery systems may seem similar at first glance, there is often a notable price difference between them, with UPS systems typically being more cost-effective. This price difference contributes to the appeal of UPS systems.

Both UPS and central battery systems serve the essential function of providing backup power during electrical disturbances. They rely on modules within the battery system to meet required power ratings and incorporate components such as converters and inverters to facilitate the conversion between alternating and direct current.

Central battery systems are typically engineered for emergency lighting setups, giving them greater energy capacity compared to UPS systems. This enhanced capacity makes them more resilient to overloads and enables them to manage a facility’s main switchgear to address high-level fault currents effectively.

However, we can tailor your UPS system to cope with both temporary outages or longer power cuts, so don’t hesistate to get in touch and find out more.

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UPS machines are very small, but the battery banks vary in size depending on what the power requirement is and how long you require power.  

Location can be dependent on whether it’s a generator back up or battery banks.  We build our own machines so we can work with bespoke spaces and design a system to suit your requirements.

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A UPS is designed to maintain electric power in the advent of a power outage.  This could be a small blip where power is lost for seconds, or it could be a loss of power for hours.  

How long you will need power will be wholly dependent on what the power is required for.  There is a significant difference in requiring power to allow computers and servers to be closed down correctly in the advent of a power outage compared to providing power to life critical systems such as fire sprinkler systems and smoke vents.  

We can advise you and provide a power solution for any amount of time you require the power to continue. 

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