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Uninterruptible Power Supplies – UPS Systems

We can tailor a UPS system to protect your critical information, keep your channels of communication up and running, or ensure critical medical systems never lose power. Our UPS systems can be configured for short outages or long power cuts. Whether you’re a medical organisation or a business with critical systems, our UPS systems will give you complete peace of mind regardless of the type of power disruption.

We already provide crucial back-up systems for data centres and emergency medical sites alike.

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10kVA to 120kVA: With Single Phase & Three Phase options, Sirius is ideal for the protection of critical systems that rely on a high-quality, stable e...

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Guardian SH

The complete Data Center solution, with a modular design offering space for servers, electrical distribution, modular UPS and sealed batteries. Also f...

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Libra Pro

10kVA to 800kVA On-line UPS: Libra Pro provides maximum protection for vital network, security and industrial applications thanks to its outstanding m...

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MUST 30-120 3 Phase Modular UPS

A modular double conversion system with DSP technology, designed for high density computing environments. Suitable for scalable installations from 30k...

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SMK and STK voltage stabilisers

The G-TEC single phase voltage stabilizer provides a perfect constant output voltage, perfect for protecting voltage sensitive equipment such as medic...

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ATS16 – UPS System

Intelligent Automatic Switch which guarantees a higher level of reliability than that achieved using a single UPS (on-line with automatic bypass) or s...

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