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Five Storey Town House, Malta


In addition to our work across the UK, we work across Europe too, and one of our latest projects took place in Valletta, the capital of Malta.

We were approached by the owner of a five-storey town house in the centre of the capital, looking to protect his energy supply against the unpredictability and power outages that are common in the country.


The owner of the property wanted a reliable and secure power supply, so when entertaining on the rooftop pool, bar and terrace, the party continues even when the power supply goes out.


We have designed and built a custom uninterruptible power system to give the property a further six hours of power in the event of a blackout.

The design of the product and sending it across to Malta are just the beginning of this project. 

In Valletta’s old town, with their 16th Century cobbled streets, we need to get the equipment into the basement for installation.


In order to perform the installation safely and efficiently, we have liaised with Maltese municipalities, police and highway agencies to secure road closures, contract a team of local removal experts and a winch to get the equipment through a small courtyard and around to the basement.

Our team will be present at the install to ensure the project runs smoothly.

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