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Thimbleby Farm, Lincolnshire



We were approached by a family who owned a farm estate who were fed up with rising electricity costs within the business.

The estate consisted of two four-bedroom farm houses, a large array of working barns, along with a seasonal touring field, regularly hosting 8 touring caravans at one time.


After an initial phone call from the customer we were able to quickly establish that there were significant savings to be made by installing our hybrid system.

We arranged a site visit to assess the viability of the project.  Their existing supply was a 3-phase incoming mains supply, distributed across the farm to the properties and barns.  The farm also had an existing back-up generator installed.

As with most farms, there was ample, untapped barn roof space to install a large solar array giving them a great opportunity to secure a renewable energy supply and reduce the 20,000KWh per annum they were currently paying for from the grid.


After fully assessing the energy requirements on the property, we were able to establish that the most cost effective solution was to install our hybrid-Grid backed system.  

This would operate by running the farm on a large solar array and significant battery, whilst engaging the mains as a backup supply, whilst also using their generator as a second back up supply in the event of grid failure.

The advantage of our system is that it is separate to the grid, and therefore we can install as many solar panels and as much storage as required without the engagement or permission of the DNO (District Network Operator) who often place restrictions on the amount that can be installed – which often makes a project not viable.

The system installed consisted of:

  • 80 solar panels at 410w each producing 30kW of power.
  • A considerable 3000 Amp hour battery bank at 48V.
  • PS45KVA 3Ø Invertor Control System.


With the system installed, the farm has mainly relied on the use of the batteries and solar power for their energy requirements, with very little input necessary from the grid power. In fact, even in the winter much of the power requirements can still be achieved through solar and battery power alone.

Based on the site’s current usage and the savings generated, we calculated that the system will pay for itself within just six years of its 28 year operating lifespan.

The family will now no longer need to be concerned about the uncertainty around energy prices increasing going forward which helps their bottom line projections and cash flow, giving them the confidence to run their businesses without distraction.

If you operate a farm or commercial property with high electricity usage, get in touch to see how we can help drastically reduce your electricity bills.

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