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Glebe Barn, Northampton


Another fantastic off-grid project completed by our team for our long-running client at Glebe Barn in Northampton. 

Glebe Barn, located in the picturesque county of Northamptonshire, have picked the perfect location to begin their new wine making venture.


The owners of the property are long-term customers of ours, where we first installed a PS System with CHP over two decades ago.

With the addition of the wine making business to the premises, their power output requirements changed. They came to us with every confidence that we could put together the system to support their new venture.


We designed, built and programmed customised boards to bring all of the older technology together with the new to ensure they worked in complete harmony.


We added the following equipment to enhance power output:

  • 1000Ah x 48v Batteries – increasing battery storage to 38.5KWh.
  • 40 solar panels – with a power output of 16.6KW.
  • Data cables to the CHP water tanks to utilise excess solar yield for hot water.
  • Full up-to-date upgrades for the current system. 

The wine making business is now fully operational and working to utilise energy in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

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