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Demand for Powerguard’s Silent Generators Grow

Powerguard has added to their range of SP Inverters. The SP Inverters are for off-grid electrical power, where an engine-driven generator is not suitable because of the noise, fumes and inconvenience. These weather-proof units are ideal for powering any electrical equipment which would need a 230V mains supply.

The SP inverter range now covers 3kVA to 16kVA single phase. The SP Inverters are built to last and encompass industrial components making them rugged and reliable. The power supplied from the system is stable, clean and regulated, and the low distortion sine-wave created by the system can actually be better than the grid mains supply. The SP inverters provide remote electrical mains equivalent AC power using accumulated battery power; they are particularly suitable for short term events (4-5 hours) that require power up to 20kVA although bigger systems can be supplied.
The SP Inverters are weather-proof and very mobile, giving the user the freedom to locate them almost anywhere in any weather. These systems are available to purchase as well as on hire and come complete with power leads and multi-socket outlets meaning users are ‘ready to go’. Applications perfect for this device include marquee lighting, sound systems and discos, computer systems, concerts & bands, and all other off-grid systems requiring temporary mains electricity.

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