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The Applications and Advantages Of Off-Grid Power

Using off-grid power generators is a more viable option than ever before. As the global political machine continues to intensify its efforts to combat climate change, the cost of mains power continues to rise, and the public becomes more aware of renewable sources of energy, it’s not surprising that we have seen an increase in the number of applications.

Off-grid power solutions are traditionally associated with remote projects where mains connectivity isn’t a viable option. However, the continued development and ever-increasing reliability of off-grid electricity systems have seen them become a preferred option even when mains connectivity is a possibility.

There are several commercial applications where a consistent power supply is of critical importance. Being subject to power outages and fluctuations can jeopardise a whole project or threaten a business’s ability to continue operating.

A consistent and accessible alternative

Remote areas can be even more prone to power cuts, which is why generators have proved a popular alternative for farmers who need to ensure their machinery is ready when they need it.Another advantage to being off-grid is that a good quality off-grid system will deliver a more consistent energy supply. If you use sensitive technology or run scientific experiments, power cuts can be detrimental to your results and your equipment. Using an off-grid alternative can eliminate the likelihood of this.

On/Off power is cost-effective

Connecting to the main grid can be expensive, as can the standing charges simply for the privilege of being connected. If you have a holiday home that sits empty for five months of the year, it can be expensive to continue paying the standing charges for the utilities.Opting for an off-grid home system means prolonged periods where a property is vacant doesn’t generate any utility bills. While your initial capital outlay might be a bit more, the system quickly pays for itself. The longer you use it the more cost-effective it becomes.

Even wedding planners and event organisers are starting to see the light. Off-grid electricity is not only proving a cheaper option in many cases, but it also gives them a lot more freedom and flexibility when selecting venues and layouts.

Flexibility and convenience are matching mains power

One of the old movie stereotypes about off-grid power generation is the broken-down generator in the middle of a storm. Thankfully, this is nowhere near the truth. Modern systems often use a number of sources for an uninterruptible power supply, mixing a more traditional generator with renewable options. The control systems that operate the set-ups seamlessly switch between sources, so your power consumption is always optimised.

This helps to reduce the consumption of fuel and significantly prolong the life of your components. A generator that can automatically be switched on and off as needed, while being supplemented by renewable sources of energy so you’re never without power, will be reliable and cost effective. The more years that pass the greater the amount you will have saved. It also eliminates the inconvenience of having to switch your generator on and off, creating a seamless uninterruptible power supply that’s comparable to a mains connection for everyday use.

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