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New Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System

Powerguard has introduced a highly efficient and cost-effective Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system for off-grid applications. Using tried and tested heat recovery technology, the system provides free hot water as a by-product of generating electricity. With a simple yet dependable design, two different temperatures of water can be produced simultaneously for use as space heating and hot water mains.

The PS CHP system utilises a diesel generator which is fitted with highly efficient heat recovery units on the exhaust manifold and engine block. The wasted heat from the engine is transferred to heat water which is directed to a well-insulated heat dump. The water temperatures are electronically controlled via a revolutionary power management system called the Powerguard PS System. Using a PS System to automatically control both the electrical power and water circuits (to optimise the use of energy) means that the overall efficiency of the system is more than 80%.

The PS CHP System can be installed to a new property or retrofitted into an existing water main. In any case, the system can be commissioned in an impressively short period using an experienced Powerguard engineer. Providing reliable 24/7 electrical heat and power, the system offers significant fuel savings over alternatives. The PS CHP System is also designed to accommodate different types of renewable energy to compliment the system including Hydro, Wind Turbine, and Solar.

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