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Property in Spain Chooses a Powerguard Off-Grid Power System

The Powerguard PS System is installed within 2 days and gives cleaner power than the mains 230V supply. If anyone is thinking of building or owning a property off-grid, this system is the answer. In many cases, the integrated PS System, Batteries and Generator was installed and shipped in a single container ready to plug into the electrical distribution fuse box. Don’t take our word for it……

A recent customer in southern Spain wrote

“I would also like to commend you for an excellent installation. The system works perfectly and I believe we are probably better off than others in the area on mains. Your service engineer was very efficient and professional in his work. He even had enough time to explain what he was doing at every stage of the installation, and how it all worked (which required some patience on his part!). Considering the heat and confined space he was working in, that is some achievement.”

The Powerguard PS System is programmed to automatically switch on the generator for times of known heavy domestic use (User-defined) and whilst running, saves the excess power produced in deep cycle batteries through the PS System. For maximum efficiency, we aim to reduce generator run time so that the generator has to only run for 8 hours or less. The charger in the PS System, which is capable of recharging the batteries in less than 8 hours, prevents damage to the battery by a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled charger that will charge fast but not overcharge. If the batteries become fully charged when the generator is normally running, the PS System’s charger will go into float mode and keep the battery fully charged without damage. This sophistication is designed to maximise battery life.

The PS system will turn off the generator when the user-defined “Must Run” time ends. When the generator is not running, the PS System’s inverter converts the saved DC battery power to AC power. The inverter AC output is a low distortion sine-wave, the same as, or better than, the utility mains supply. It is stable, clean and regulated and is suitable for all electrical equipment designed to be powered from the utility mains supply. If at any time when the generator is switched off, there should be an extra load applied to the domestic circuit above the inverter rating or battery capacity, the generator will be automatically started by the PS System until that extra load has stopped. Such a load might be an electric oven, electric heater, air conditioning or power shower.

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