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Automatic Generator Start

Significantly Reduces Fuel Consumption

The Powerguard LoadStart system is a very cost-effective solution, and can significantly reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs. This system is designed to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs, and increase user convenience, as it governs when a generator will run. So, there is no need to manually start and stop the generator each time electricity is required.

LoadStart senses when a load is applied and automatically starts the generator. When the load is removed, the system senses the change and automatically turns off the generator. The flexibility of LoadStart means that virtually all loads or mixtures of loads will work with the system.

Security Lighting Feature

LoadStart also provides a security function in that it allows sensor-controlled security lighting to be connected, so that if a sensor detects an intruder, the generator is switched on and activates the security lighting. As an added bonus, the system can be augmented to include its own PIR light sensor meaning that any connected security lights only come on during the night.

Must-Run & No-Run Periods

Another great feature of the LoadStart system is that it allows the user to program any generator for “must-run” periods. The must-run periods override the load sense operation and make sure that the generator keeps running for a pre-set duration. An example of where must-run periods could be used would be when loads are being applied regularly and intermittently, and it is more convenient to have continuous generator operation. The built-in real-time clock can also be programmed for “no-run” periods. No-run periods could be used when loads are applied that would normally start the generator, but generator operation is undesirable at that time.

LoadStart can work with all auto-start generators of any manufacturer. If you have a generator that is started using a key, chances are good that it can be upgraded to auto-start. If your generator is old and needs replacing, a Powerguard auto-start generator is the required solution – please see our range of generators.


The Powerguard LoadStart system is manufactured to operate in arduous industrial or domestic conditions and is incredibly rugged and reliable. The system is perfect for many applications including domestic use, use by construction sites, small businesses and in remote locations.


  • Easy to operate, and removes the need for starting and stopping the generator manually.
  • Includes a real-time clock function for “must run” and “no run” periods.
  • LoadStart will work with any auto-start generator.
  • Will automatically start the generator if it senses any power load switched on, and stop the generator when that load has been removed.

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