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Multi-Generator Control System

TransGen is an automatic changeover control system that is used to switch between two different sized generators, depending on the power requirement. Many off-grid businesses require a high level of power for only 30% of the working day or night. Using a generator large enough to provide enough power for the 30% high load period is an expensive option, as during the other 70% low load period, the generator would have to operate inefficiently using large quantities of fuel. This is where TransGen come in.

TransGen allows you to connect two different sized generators, one large and one small. Our system then automatically determines which generator to run to provide the required power at any given time.

TransGen Application Example – The Milking Parlour

A milking parlour may need 100kVA of power to operate during milking times – let’s say 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours again in the afternoon. The other 18 hours the electrical load consists of controls, heaters, chillers, agitators, lights and pumps with a total load of less than 20kVA. Running a 100kVA generator for all or most of the 24-hour period is a very costly option. Excess fuel will be used unnecessarily, and the continual running of the large generator will mean higher maintenance costs.

In this situation, TransGen can be installed in conjunction with two different sized generators. The system automatically senses the change in loads and will switch to whichever generator is more suitable, which helps reduce running costs, as the smaller generator will run unless the required load exceeds its capacity. So, in this example, the larger generator will only be switched on for 6 hours a day.

Fuel Savings & Engine Preservation

The fuel used to generate each kilowatt of power is relatively constant between 100% and 60% loads. As the load decreases below 60% of capacity, the fuel required to produce each kilowatt increases disproportionately. When a generator runs consistently at low load the fuel does not burn properly. This increases pollution, producing soot both internally and externally. The result is both increased fuel consumption and increased maintenance costs.

Key Features

  • An internal clock & calendar allow the generator to be started at a predetermined time.
  • Saves on fuel costs, pollution and maintenance costs.
  • Very rugged and reliable – designed for industrial conditions.

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